Preparing to cool down at the “Songkran Festival”

13 Apr


Finally, today is the day I have been waiting for. It is “Songkran Day”. I like to wake up very early in the morning so I can give alms to Buddhist monks on Thai New Year Day. Then, I go to my elder relatives so I can pour water onto them. Pouring water shows that we pay respects and ask for blessings from them on Thai New Year’s Day. April the 13th is not only the first day of the Songkran Festival, but also  National Elderly Day. After pouring water on to the elders, I prepare myself for the funniest festival in Thailand. Do you want to come with me?

Could you please give me some ideas about dressing? I have seen many people wearing colorful t-shirts, so I will wear one to be lively on Thai New Year Day. What to wear with a t-shirt? I don’t want anything too short or revealing, just something practical because I am sure to get wet.

I am ready to go! Do you have any equipment for Songkran? I have a water gun which is not a compressive pressure one. I am afraid I will hurt other people if I use those big  compressive pressure guns. I also have white clay filler with Thai scented water for powdering your face. It will make your face more scented and whiter. I will not use colorful powder because it is too difficult to clean up. White clay filler with Thai scented water is the best in terms of being easy to clean and also perfumed. Are you ready? Take your equipment and come with me! Let’s go!

I would like you, the new, young generation, to help Thailand protect and carry on this dazzling and enjoyable tradition for both Thais and foreigners. Let’s start with asking for  permission before splashing water or powdering someone’s face with the words “Excuse me, may I splash water and power your face?” They will have time to get ready to play with us, so they will not be annoyed. Besides, it is one of the ways to say “Happy Thai New Year”.

After playing with friends, I will remind you that the last day of Songkran Festival  April the 15th is  National Family Day. Please do not leave your parents alone and go to hang out with your friends all day. I recommend you to come back home, pay respects to your parents and pour water onto them. If you go to the Songkran Festival with carefulness and wearing proper clothes, this festival will be with us for many years. I guarantee that it will be a most playful and impressive Songkran as in previous years. “Happy Thai New Year! May I splash water and power your face?” ^^

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