Pinterest – the New Social Network Sensation

19 Apr

Hi everyone! Who are now on Facebook and Twitter? Sukjai believes almost everybody here has Facebook and Twitter. But now, Sukjai has a brand new social network to suggest. Rumor has it that it will be the new social network sensation!


Pinterest’s aim is to let people communicate through photographs. Every member has their own boards which show their interest in particular things. You can also build, categorize and name a new sub-board under you main board. If you have a photo to share, just pin it on your board, which is simply the same as uploading a photo. You might also like to Repin other people’s photos; it is the way to make others’ pictures appear on your own board. And of course you are allowed to Like and post comments on every of your Pin. Many have now addicted to Pinterest as photographs sometimes tell stories better than words, and they can be very inspiring in many ways. For Sukjai, traveling and food images are Sukjai’s main interests. What are yours?

Currently Sukjai has built Amazing Thailand on Pinterest for you guys to come appreciate the miracles of Thailand. You can follow Amazing Thailand on Pinterest at We have a number of wonderful photos of Thailand to share, be it festivals, foods, culture and beaches. Don’t fall out of today’s trend! Get a Pinterest account for yourself and share your photos with Sukjai!

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