Miracle Me – A Trendy Way to Share Photographs

27 Apr

Today Sukjai has a cool new activity from TAT to share with you guys. Many of you may have seen this already as it has been promoted on many media including our Amazing Thailand Facebook Page. It is the new campaign for photo lovers – Miracle Me.

Since the year 2012 is appointed as Miracle Thailand Year, the Tourism Authority of Thailand initiates the campaign Miracle Me in order to promote photograph sharing through popular online media and social networks such as Intagram. This activity has been launched for about a month and the feedback is really good so far. If you would like to check out the wonderful photos of Thailand shared by many, just visit www.miraclethailandyear.com. Via this site you might as well put on a display of your own collection – just hashtag #miraclethailand when posting photos via Instagram and Twitter, tag @miraclethailand for sharing on Facebook, or simply directly upload your images on the site.

Another highlight of Miracle Me is the feature that allows you to build your own gallery! You can collect any photos you like in Miracle Me, which will be kept in your gallery, and make a fabulous cover photo for your Facebook Timeline out of them! Isn’t that just brilliant? If you think so come and join Miracle Me with Sukjai. Now Sukjai has to go out and snap some photos so as not to fall off the trend. See ya!

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