Wander around Nakhon Pathom

21 May

On such a hot day like this you might not want to take on a long journey. So today Sukjai will recommend you a destination near Bangkok. It is Nakhon Pathom. Nakhon Pathom is the gate to the west of Thailand. There are a number of tourist attractions in the province, some of which will be presented by Sukjai today!

The most outstanding landmark in Nakhon Pathom is definitely the Phra Pathom Chedi, the tallest stupa in the world. Visit and pay respect if you have a chance to come by. Another interesting spot in the province is the Thai Human Imagery Museum which houses a number of amazingly human-like wax sculptures. The wax museum tells the story of Thai traditions and displays wax statues of important people in Thai history.

Sukjai is getting hungry now so let’s drop by at Don Wai Floating Market! The goods sold at the market are general stuff, foods, fruits, and souvenirs. One thing you should not miss here is the pomelo, which is the highlighted product of the province. Nakhon Pathom is so well-known for its sweet pomelo that the fruit is mentioned in its slogan. After shopping, Sukjai takes a rest on a raft by the river. What a relaxing atmosphere it can offer!

You can easily find happiness just around Bangkok on the holidays, see? Next time Sukjai will introduce you to another great place in Thailand! See ya!

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