Where to enjoy the rain?

28 May

Hi everyone! Welcome to the rainy season in Thailand! It has just started to rain often here in Bangkok. What about you guys in other provinces? By the way, what do you mostly think of when talking about the rainy season? Sukjai is thinking about waterfalls! There will be a lot of natural water coming to land this time of year which makes going to the waterfall so terrific! Speaking of it, Sukjai would love to be soaking in cool wate right now. Who has some time to go with Sukjai?

Currently the cover page of TAT main site is themed in Green Season with lush green designs. The site is now offering interesting information on various activities for the rainy season in Thailand, such as whitewater rafting and kayaking. Who says the rainy season is boring? Read the articles there and you will change your mind! If you happen to feel like going out, just visit the Where to stay page and look for the best hotels that suit you. You can also click on Where to eat menu to check out all the cool restaurants. Sukjai guarantees that you will be enjoying your trips as much as in other seasons!

And as always, Sukjai is bringing a good activity to you! Just answer the question ‘Where is your favorite place in Green Season?’ from Amazing Thailand. Two lucky winners will receive a room package from Sampran Riverside in Nakhon Pathom. Think of your best place during this invigorating season and submit your thoughts at http://quiz.tourismthailand.org/greenseason/. Good luck!

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