All You Can Eat at Lamphaya Floating Market

31 Jul

Hi! Did you enjoy Sukjai’s last post? Before reading this post, Sukjai has to warn thosewho are on a diet! This is going to spoil you! Because Sukjai’s post today will be all about foods! Sukjai is taking you to a floating market near Bangkok. It is called Lamphaya Floating Market. Sukjai guesses most of you have no idea about this place. So let’s get to know it!

Lamphaya Floating Market is located in Nakhon Pathom Province. It is not as famous as other similar markets. But it is the floating market that Sukaji visits most often since it is very close to Bangkok and the foods here are just delicious! You can have everything from fresh food, cooked food, preserved food, to dessert and snacks. In addition, there are fresh vegetables and fruits sold here as well. Sukjai had so much today and did not forget to take some photos for you!







For the transportation, there are many ways you can get here. One way to Lamphaya is through Pinklao – Nakhon Chaisi Road. Get in your car and drive straight from the road until you see the bridge to Salaya area. Turn right and cross the bridge. Now go straight past Mahidol University, and then turn left and Phuttha Monthon District Office. Turn right at Phuttha Monthon Police Station and keep going for 24 kilometers. There you will see Wat Lamphaya on the left. It takes only 45 minutes from Bangkok. If you would like to use the van service, get in the Pata – Banglen van in front of Kung Luang Restaurant Pinklao from 6.30 am to 7.00 pm, off every 30 minutes.

For those who are planning on a trip to Lamphaya Floating Market, do not forget to snap some photos for Sukjai. Enjoy your meals at the market!

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